Burundi Steps Towards a More Holistic Approach on FLR Planning and Policy

About flr levels Forest and Landscape Restoration is a long-term process that aims to regain ecological function and enhance human well-being in deforested and degraded landscapes. FLR has been widely recognized as a global restoration approach by many experts, conservationists and practitioners, through the Bonn Challenge , to bring 350 M ha into restoration by 2030. But how to practice FLR on the ground remains unclear. How can such a broad concept of FLR with such ambitious global restoration targets be brought into practice? There were 22 participants from 11 countries working in diverse organizations e. It was the third event of a series of workshop organized by the FLoRES taskforce to operationalize the principles of FLR in an effort to guide better implementation processes. Learning first-hand about the central importance of community engagement The workshop began with a field visit to Kawayanon community Cabiran Balangay, Biliran Province to learn how a pilot community-based restoration CBR initiative was implemented on the ground.


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