The Travails of the Trailing Spouse

Academic trailing spouse reddit By Candice Jalili Feb 5 2018 I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where I was taught since childhood that I could really have it all. Happy marriage? You've got it! Successful career in the arts? If you set your mind to it, duh! No dream was too big, and there was definitely no such thing as having too many dreams.


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Both of these groups must often follow their significant others to unfamiliar locations, which can result in fewer suitable employment opportunities. This problem can also affect academics who marry other academics since job offers don't usually come in pairs. As a result, a lot of couples in academia have to make a tough choice. split, go long-distance, or sacrifice.

7 Tips for Trailing Spouses: When you don't want to ditch your career for a wedding ring

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Anne Yoo: Trailing Spouses

Avoiding the Trailing Spouse Trap

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