Failed to register ActiveX Control

Activex control failed to load The viewer supports document navigation, arbitrary scaling, anti-aliased images in both a page view and thumbnail view, and much more. This document describes installation notes and other technical details specific to. This release of is targeted to developers of web based products using Internet Explorer 4 or later. Manual Installation If used in conjunction with Internet Explorer, the control can be downloaded and installed automatically. Prior to use, the control must be installed on the host computer.


Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting The above options will each have all or some of the following radio buttons. Disable, Enable and Prompt. You can select either of them as required. Due to security reasons, it is advisable to select the option prompt or disable for the Download unsigned ActiveX controls and Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe settings. You can also use the Reset custom settings drop-down menu in security settings to enable ActiveX.

How To Fix ActiveX Installer In Windows 10

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