Ask Bear: Yay 2018? Except I Am Not Full Of Yay, Or Anything Except WTF.

Ask bear huffington post Subscribe Is The Huffington Post ruining journalism? In recent weeks, Google has indicated that it is revising its search algorithm in order to punish so-called "scrapers" and "content farms"—websites that, respectively, steal articles from other publications and write absurdly banal articles built around common search terms, thereby gobbling up traffic. For anyone who cares about the future of writing and reporting, this was certainly good news. But Google's improvements appeared to be aimed fairly narrowly at the most egregious offenders, sites that no one thinks of as legitimate publications, like Associated Content and eHow. Largely ignored was the question of what Google's incentives are doing to journalism as a whole.


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Why Art? It effortlessly blends illustrations with narrative to ask philosophical questions about the importance of art in our lives. Every page functions as a cipher which, in a sense, all works of art do.

Feminism Will Fall (A Theory)

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Имея широкий спектр полезных свойств обладает хорошей переносимостью и практически не имеет побочных эффектов. Процедура применяется при удалении бородавок, папиллом, гипертрофических рубцов, проблем с волосистой частью головы и угревой сыпи, а также в программах омоложения кожи лица.

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