When My Indian Mom Divorced My Dad, She Became an Outcast. It Also Saved Her Life.

Bay area indian divorcees It Also Saved Her Life. But we're Indian, and that never happens. It just isn't something we do -- not in India, not in America and especially not initiated by a woman. My parents had an arranged marriage. She was young when they wed, and he was ten years her senior. She earned a law degree at 21 and took and passed the bar exam weeks after having me. For years, my mom was a dutiful Indian wife -- providing all domestic services, raising me and my two brothers and taking care of my dad's parents and brother, who all lived with us.


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The H-4 housewives wear canvas shoes and take brisk walks around the green at the heart of North Park Apartments; the B-2 grandparents push their American-born grandchildren on little tricycles; the H-1B techies play volleyball and the B-1 consultants stroll. All the picnic tables are occupied. an Indian man sits idly at one, six Indian women in sarees sit conversing in Tamil around another. As I sit facing the five-acre Moitozo park, I see three high-rise condominiums on each side, named after mighty trees native to central or northern Europe. Ahead of me, the sunlight is slowly fading behind the hills. Orange farms stretch nearly all the way to the next set of condos, built in less than six months, to meet the growing housing demands of the valley.

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He never prioritized our relationship. His job was always more important than us.

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