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Busy boyfriend long distance quotes One of them was even an invite to stay over at his vacation spot. He was away from the country for a couple of years in Europe and then decided to come back to Canada to settle down. With this in mind and him being a great guy were the reasons I started dating him. He did move back and we decided to try the long distance thing. But I did notice even before he left the closeness we had was not there anymore. But at the end we agreed to try it out and be exclusive as we still liked each other a lot.


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Playful texts to send to my busy boyfriend Here are 16 flirty, playful messages you can text your busy boyfriend. I know you're busy, and you know I'm lonely. How about you come home and let me do the work for a little while baby? Hope you have a good d because it's going to be a great night. I just want to eat you up!

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Was this helpful? Yes No I need help Here are five messages to let your girlfriend know how much you love her. I've been thinking of messaging you all day, but I've been so busy. Now that I have the time, all I can think to say is that I love you. I know I can seem distant when I am working so much, but it's for us, and our future together. Can't wait to see you later!

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