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Cast of night class Learn to Act on Film. Individualized Instruction. Improv and comedy classes are also offered. Check out the classes offered to find one that caters to your personal interests. These acting classes stress acting for camera — film and television — all classes are on camera and you review your work at the end of each class on a TV monitor. You will work on Eye Line where to look how to project your voice, emotions, and physicality. I stress believability and vulnerability and have many tricks of the trade to share.


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The motley group includes Teddy Hart , a schmoozing sweet-talker whose recent career change demands a high school diploma or equivalent; Jalen Romany Malco , recently unemployed due to advancing technology and still touchy about it; Big Mac Rob Riggle , a dad seeking to inspire his teenage son to finish high school; and Theresa Mary Lynn Rajskub , a hardworking mom going back to school to gain some independence from her domineering husband. Al Madrigal who plays Luis, a Mexican immigrant with a personal vendetta against Teddy , Anne Winters as Mila, who was given a choice between night school and juvie and Fat Joe as Bobby, an inmate who Skypes into class from prison round out the cast. These were established comedians for the most part.

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