Five Places Where You Can Still See Remnants of the Great Chicago Fire

Chicago great fire Contact Privacy Cookie Policy Terms of Use Five Places Where You Can Still See Remnants of the Great Chicago Fire Though the city was completely rebuilt within two years, you can still see evidence of the fire that destroyed it This urn-shaped finial sat atop the courthouse roof until the cupola collapsed during the fire. Leilani Wertens smithsonian. And while folklore points the finger at Mrs. Few spots downtown survived the fire, and some of the debris was actually pushed into Lake Michigan, creating what we now know as Grant Park. The most famous of the architectural survivors, though, are the Water Tower and Pumping Station, and for a very good reason. Otherwise, all the physical boundaries were burned.


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A terrible calamity is impending over the city of Chicago! More I cannot say! More I dare not utter! Drawing by Theodore R.

​How the Great Fire of 1871 Actually Benefitted Chicago

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How did the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 impact Chicago and its architecture? October inferno On the night of October 8, 1871, fire spread across Chicago. While the cause of the blaze is unknown, its origin was at 558 West DeKoven Street—an address that today is home to a Chicago Fire Department training facility. An estimated 300 people died and 100,000 were left homeless by the three-day inferno that erased 2,100 acres of the city.

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Robert J. McNamara is a history expert who has been writing for ThoughtCo since 2007. He previously served as Amazon. Updated August 31, 2018 The Great Chicago Fire destroyed a major American city, making it one of the most destructive disasters of the 19th century. A Sunday night blaze in a barn quickly spread, and for approximately 30 hours the flames roared through Chicago, consuming hastily constructed neighborhoods of immigrant housing as well as the city's business district.