8 Things You Should Always Ask on a First Date

Christian first date advice First Date Tips — Meeting a date for the first time. What should you do and what to expect from those dates? Some great tips from Dr. Jim to make sure that your first date is successful. Dear Jim. Do you have any tips for singles who met on the Internet and are planing a first date?


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It had been a while since I had commingled on a deeper level with other single Christians outside of work and general church service. Life groups eat together, talk about real life issues, and get involved in each others messy lives. I was excited to venture out again in establishing some great new friendships. Normally life groups are made up of 5-25 people.

How to Ask a Christian Girl Out: 4 Simple Tips

Preparation for that first date can be nerve racking — for both guys and girls. As a very traditional guy when it comes to dates, I feel that making sure the girl has a great time can be stressful.

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Christian Dating Advice for Women

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