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Code lyoko ending explained Gracias por leer! Al parecer le va bien, pero ese es el problema. Estaba nerviosa. Now, a new student called Alex Starsky, enrolls at Kadic to get help from the secret protectors of the Earth. the Lyoko Warriors. So little does the group of teen warriors know how hard a war they are about to get into, when they heed to call for help and return to Lyoko to fight a new evil in the form of a human of their age...


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What follows reveals key moments in the plot. Its reading is absolutely not necessary to start the series from the beginning the prologue and the first season. The following content is revealed episode by episode within the series. Note. The chronology of the backstory is rather vague as it is revealed in the series in the form of flashbacks, revisited by Aelita and some are probably distorted by the imagination of the young girl.


This document exists to clarify the passage of time through Code Lyoko in the English dub, as well as make inferences for the time occurrences of certain happenings either directly in or mentioned by the series. I do not claim to own Code Lyoko. Prequel Part 1 takes place on 9 October 2004. Prequel Part 2 takes place mostly on 10 October 2004. The season 1 episode 14 "The Trap" is supposed to be the episode that takes place exactly one year after the Lyoko gang meets Aelita, and thus must take place on either 9 or 10 October 2005.

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If you're a longtime listener, you know we're all about old memes, so here's one we yanked out of the pits of La Brea. Favorite Character Bingo! Featuring actual Code Lyoko content on two out of our three cards. That's right - dat boi has come and gone, leaving behind Ben and Mary's shameful memories and the usual sticky teenage residue.

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