The Divorce Rate Is Dropping. That May Not Actually Be Good News

Cohabitation vs marriage divorce rates It supported earlier research linking premarital cohabitation to increased risk of divorce. But just two weeks later, the Council on Contemporary Families—a nonprofit group at the University of Texas at Austin—published a report that came to the exact opposite conclusion. Premarital cohabitation seemed to make couples less likely to divorce. In fact, since 2000, premarital cohabitation has actually been associated with a lower rate of divorce, once factors such as religiosity, education, and age at co-residence are accounted for. Read. The science of cohabitation After a landmark study from 1992 suggested a link between living together and divorce, a flurry of subsequent studies investigated why this might be. Intuitively, a trial run of living together before marriage should increase the stability of a relationship. One such study questioned whether the relationship between cohabitation and divorce was a product of selection. Could it just be that people who were more likely to consider divorce an option were more likely to live together unmarried? However, over the years, many researchers began wondering whether earlier findings that linked cohabitation to divorce were a relic of a time when living together before marriage was an unconventional thing to do.


The report is based on a large, representative, national survey of U. To conduct the analyses, the authors Nugent and Daugherty selected only adults who had sexual intercourse with a partner of the opposite sex. They did that to ensure the groups were comparable in some respects regarding their histories in intimate relationships. The groups reflect those who were currently cohabiting, married, or neither at the time of being surveyed.

Why Are Fewer Americans Getting Married?

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Have you heard that statistic that half of all marriages will end in divorce? This sounds like such promising news. Families are sticking together! But in practice, this does not mean more people are living happily ever after.

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Girl Chat: How Long Should a Couple Wait Before Cohabiting?

Cohabitation vs. Commitment in Dating

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