Viviana Gómez Echeverry On the First-Ever Feature Film Shot on the Colombian Island of Providencia

Colombiana movie cast Set among the Wayuu of northern Colombia an Indigenous population whose language and customs survived the Spanish conquest and the rise of the modern nation-state , it also resists the temptations of exoticism and hazy magic realism. Not only because of the cultural and geographic milieu, which may be as unfamiliar to many Colombians as it will be to most North American viewers. The landscape the Wayuu inhabit, on a peninsula jutting into the Caribbean, includes patches of desert and lush, green hillsides. Mostly ranchers and farmers, the Wayuu conduct trade and manage potential conflict through a system based on ritualized exchange and communication. Over the years, that and other, equally venerable rules will be broken, a slow unwinding of the old ways that escalates into full-scale slaughter and chaos. It all begins innocuously enough, with the courtship of Zaida Natalia Reyes — whose coming-of-age ceremony starts the film in a swirl of color, music and celebration — by a young man named Raphayet Jose Acosta.


It adds fuel to the narrative that Colombian cinema, hot off its first Oscar nomination , is experiencing an unparalleled renaissance. The population on the island, owing to the many British and Spanish peoples who have anchored there over the last couple of centuries, have made it a surprisingly diverse Caribbean enclave. Indeed, English creole rather than Spanish is the most spoken language. Her film tackles the darker recent history of the island which has begun to feel the large-reaching effects of the Colombian drug trade.

Colombiana - Escape

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