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Columbiana movies full english 2011 Entertainment CNN -- French writer-producer Luc Besson must have grown tired of watching Hollywood rehash his gal-with-a-gun actioner "Nikita," a memorably tight and efficient thriller which spawned a forgettable remake "The Assassin," with Bridget Fonda and might be considered the mother of recent reloads like "Salt," "Hanna," and Steven Soderbergh's forthcoming "Haywire. Brutalized from infancy, these women have been bred to kill -- though their strength, athleticism and ruthless self-sufficiency rarely turns out as empowering as it first appears. Although it's been released without press previews, often a sign that the studio knows it has a stinker on its hands, this pulpy English-language effort is perfectly competent, if doggedly predictable. Au contraire. There's nothing original here, even if "Avatar" alien Zoe Saldana must be the unlikeliest action hero since Adrien Brody went mano-a-mano with the Predators. Modeling a form-hugging cat suit, she's so skinny she scarcely needs to pick the lock to get out of her jail cell -- she could probably waltz through the bars.


Images So, how does the movie end?? Danny has fallen in love with Cataleya, but still knows nothing about her. Whle she is asleep, like a stalker he takes a picture of her on his camera phone! He wakes up having slept in, is angry with him for no reason and hurries off to meet her Uncle Emilio at the library.

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