How Nickelback became the most hated band in the music industry

Comedy central song commercial 2018 Like growing psychedelic mushrooms in your closet as a teenager, it takes a rare combination of patience, rebellion, and dirt to make the magic happen. Listening to Nickelback is not on par with a mushroom trip. It's more akin to taking salvia. completely legal, with an undeniable fan base, but frighteningly disconnected from reality and still capable of leaving you damaged. Indeed, how can such widespread appeal and infamy coexist side by side? Here's how Nickelback became the most hated band in the music industry. Lead singer Chad Kroeger's growling voice and metal-influenced sound stood out at the time, but instead of evolving their songwriting chops through the years, Nickelback constructed tune after generic tune that followed the same simple and obvious formulation. Kroeger yoked his deep voice to basically one guitar tonality and song structure, creating monotonous crowd-pleasers that lacked originality.


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