Confessions of a College Commuter

Commuting to college pros and cons And you know what? The experience is what you make of it, after all. Many of them have been curious or intrigued, but many others have been downright judgmental, thinking I made a huge mistake in choosing to live at home. Buckle up, everyone, and enjoy the drive! The big decision My initial decision to commute to school was a pretty easy one to make. I live less than a half hour away from my school and it just made sense that I would live at home. I had visited the school at various times with my dad and although I fell in love with it, I just wanted to be able to separate my school life from my personal life. A tale of two cities Being a commuter has in many ways resembled living a double life.


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Commuting looks different for everyone. Some live five minutes away from campus and others live over an hour away. For me personally, I live about 30 minutes from Cedarville University , where I attend school. Commuting over the past two years has helped me see some of the pros and cons. Here are three reasons why commuting may be right for you.

COLLEGE ADVICE - Dorming vs. Commuting?!

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No matter where you are in the process, our Applications Consultants are here to help. Choose a grade Advising for Seniors A commuter school is a college to which a student commutes for classes, rather than living on or off the actual college campus. Instead, the student typically continues to live at home while commuting to school just as one would commute to a job or other commitment.

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Wholesale stores like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond are packed with students making last minute purchases; the hallways of residence buildings are accumulated with weeping parents; and newbies are settling in to their home away from home for the school year. According to U.

Having a Motorcycle in College - Pros & Cons of Riding to School


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