13 Best Dance Routines From Dance Moms

Dance moms the best group dance They could do things at eight that we will never be able to do in our lifetime. Through nearly five seasons of watching Dance Moms , we've seen Maddie and co. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it won them Nationals that year. Where Have All the Children Gone This performance was controversial on a number of levels—including the creepy man's voice used for music and the fact that it was about children dying. But even at just eight years old, these girls pulled it off.


I await your judgments in the comments. First up, those kids can dance. Some of the things they can do seem to defy gravity and the limits of human anatomy. They stir each other up, have screaming matches at bars, even get into fights with each other. But fear them when they unite against a common foe.

Dance Moms: Group Dance: The Waiting Room (S5, E31) - Lifetime

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This week, I want to talk about my favorite group dances from Dance Moms. So far, the show has been on for 6 seasons.

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