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Defence housing tender XI of 2015 that endeavours to bring state of the art, secure living and business environment to Quetta. In step with the latest worldwide developments in the field of urban and community development, it would add to the grandeur of the city. Relying on tenets of sustainable development, conservation of environment and energy, it would carve out residential and commercial projects that would make living in DHA Quetta an enjoyable experience for generations to come. President's Message Ladies and gentlemen, It did not take very long for me to realize that there existed a dire need for a modern and well-designed housing scheme for the people of Balochistan in general and Quetta in particular. In earnest terms, I directed for conceptualization of such a housing scheme which matches the latest trends and contemporary concepts being followed globally in the field of town planning.


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Minister for Housing 20,000 Social and Defence Homes — Nation Building Investment To support jobs and invest in the long term future of the Australian economy and the Australian community the Rudd Government will construct over 20,000 new homes. Under this historic program, the Government will construct 20,000 new social housing dwellings and 802 new houses for Australian Defence Force personnel. This program will also fund urgent maintenance to upgrade around 2,500 vacant social houses that would otherwise be unusable as social housing. This historic investment in housing infrastructure is also an investment in the future quality of life of low income Australians and Australians who serve and protect Australia in the Australian Defence Force. Social Housing This Program is a long term nation building investment that will build around 20,000 new social housing dwellings to provide much-needed accommodation for low income Australians who are homeless or struggling in the private rental market.

Проверяется внутренний диаметр трубы и общая изогнутость трубы цилиндрической оправкой. Конусность по наружному диаметру резьбы труб и ниппельных концов труб НКВ и по внутреннему диаметру резьбы муфт и раструбных концов труб НКВ, а также конусность уплотнительных конических поверхностей труб и муфт НКМ и труб НКБ должна проверяться гладкими коническими калибрамиа так же специализированными приборами.

Проверяется овальность резьбы муфт и раструбных концов труб НКВ. Натяг резьбы труб НКМ и ниппельных концов труб НКВ проверяется гладкими и резьбовыми калибрами-кольцами, а величина диаметра уплотнительного конического пояска - гладкими калибрами-кольцами.

Натяг резьбы муфт к трубам НКМ и раструбных концов труб НКВ проверяется гладкими и резьбовыми калибрами-пробками, а величина диаметра уплотнительной конической расточки и конической выточки - гладкими калибрами-пробками.

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