Bethenny Frankel ex Dennis Shields' cause of death 'undetermined' due to lack of autopsy

Dennis shields obituary new york times Rabbi Charles D. Lippman was the one to officiate the nuptial and pronounce the couple husband and wife. Later in 2016, it became visible that their relationship was not working as Dennis openly dated the reality star, Bethenny Frankel. So, Dennis and Jill opted for divorce but, the information about their divorce and child custody remains under the wraps till date. In a three-decade-long gap between the high school pals, they only communicated to each other three times. It's apparent that Dennis met Bethenny at the high school where he dated her friend, and they had been friends since then. Interestingly, a source even claimed that Dennis had feelings for Bethenny for a long time.


The New York Post reported that Shields asked his assistant to administer Narcan, used to reverse opioid overdoses, to him at approximately 9 a. Citing sources, TMZ said Shields is believed to have overdosed on oxycodone. TheWrap has reached out to Frankel for comment. The best ones are pithy and humorous, maybe a touch shady, definitely a little boastful, and convey a unique point of view with only a phrase or two. The ladies of Beverly Hills have turned out some of the best and the worst taglines in the entire franchise.

Dennis Shields Wife Breaks Silence (who said about Bethenny Frankel)

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