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Divorce papers in florida If child custody, visitation or support are involved, mediation may be ordered by the court If no children were in issue from the marriage, you may qualify for a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage You and your spouse must be residents for six months prior to divorce There must be a written agreement between spouses consenting to divorce and property division No trial is necessary Regular Dissolution of Marriage requires that at least one spouse has resided in Florida for at least six months prior to the divorce Absolute Divorce allows you to remarry and completely resolve all property claims between spouses. Limited Divorce is akin to legal separation and disallows remarriage; you or your spouse may continue to seek ownership of assets. This process can be easily completed with the assistance of an online divorce service that will allow your to complete your paperwork in less than an hour. If you are unsure how to proceed with your divorce, you can ask a legal professional at JustAnswer. Best of all, this service is absolutely affordable for anyone! Because Florida offers a simplified divorce process, it is in your best interests to come to an agreement with your spouse regarding consent for the divorce and asset division. Amicable divorces are considerably less expensive and time-consuming.


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If you are considering a divorce, there are a few things about divorce for Florida residents that you should know before consulting your attorney. These will save you both time and money. One. Requirements for Florida Divorces If you or your spouse has decided to file for divorce in Florida, at least one of you must be a resident of the state or a member of an armed force stationed in the state. If both you and your spouse agree that there are "irreconcilable differences," and there should be a divorce, you can agree in writing to end the marriage. If one of you denies that the marriage is broken beyond repair or you have a child, the court may order counseling with a marriage counselor, priest or rabbi, or psychologist for up to three months.

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By Aaron Thomas If you have decided to file for divorce in the state of Florida, this article provides an overview of what you will need to do. Each circuit in Florida comprised of one or more counties may have requirements other than what is listed below, so you should always check with the website for your circuit links below where you intend to file to find out what additional steps you may have to take.

Divorce Options in Florida: Which Type of Divorce Should You File?

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