I tried out these 8 Tinder alternatives, and didn’t get a single message

Does tinder works in bangladesh June 14, 2018 Backpacking Iran with a girl I met on Tinder I lay in my sleeping bag, the cold from the floor rising up into my back and making it ache. It had taken four days of hitchhiking to get to Tehran, the capital of Iran and I was still getting used to a country where I had yet to see another backpacker. I pulled out my phone and tried to jump on Facebook. Unfortunately Facebook, like dozens of other social media and networking sites in Iran, is blocked. I had accepted that Iran was going to be a very different country to any I had experienced before and expected to be taking a six week break from sex, drugs and rock n roll.


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Tinder social media mobile app allows communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. But like any other app, you may also face problems with Tinder App on Android smartphone. Relax and try any of the solutions to get the problem fixed.


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Updated 2019 What is Tinder? Wondering how much it costs to be on Tinder? The basic app is free, with the option to upgrade to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. More about that in a minute.

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