Brooklyn99 – s06 ep04 – “Four Movements” – REVIEW

Eugene lee yang brooklyn 99 episode This is that even though B99 got a half and then a full season pick up, it was also announced that Chelsea Peretti would be leaving the show. Well, that time has come, but with all things Gina, it was a joy to watch. So to set the scene, at the end of The Tattler Jake Andy Samberg had a heart to heart with Gina Chelsea Peretti about where she saw her future, and was she being held back at the 99? Well at the start of Four Movements we get to hear her answer as she announces to the whole team that she is leaving the 99 and then she hands in her two-week notice with a four-part interpretive dance movement. I am going to miss Chelsea Peretti and her amazing energy in the show. Image Credit. NBC.


This week, audiences were forced to endure Gina Linetti's final Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode in what can only be described as the Paris of episodes. But before she left the precinct for good, the assistant gave each of her friends except for Hitchcock and Scully their own "signature Gina moment," which she tailored specifically for each person. While some of these moments were straight-forward gifts, some came in the form of abstract life lessons. But all of these gestures had one thing in common. They showed what a huge hole Linetti will leave in her wake.

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