Why some women with alopecia are proudly going without wigs

Female celebrities with bald heads Still, all famous bald women in the following list seam to reap benefits from their condition and they are not ashamed of their baldness at all. Well, Amber Rose proves the opposite. The American model deliberately shaves her head and it makes her one of the sexiest bald women ever. This extraordinary Icelandic singer with expressive vocals and passion for the musical and visual experiment was shot bald in the video Hunter showing her transformation into a polar bear with the help of CGI. Britney Spears is a rowdy American pop superstar who has sold over 85 million of her albums worldwide.


woman shaved head designs

Despite desperate pleadings from her managers and agents to not do it, Delevingne stood her ground and decided to do it anyway. According to Elle magazine, Delevingne stated that the experience was one of the most liberating things she has ever done. She also says that feeling beautiful is important whether you have hair or not, which is a powerful statement we tend to agree with. However, following a breakup with actor Orlando Bloom in early 2017, Perry decided to go from a short pixie haircut to an even shorter buzz cut—not to mention also dying it a bright platinum blonde!

8 Bald Yet Beautiful Female Celebrities

woman shaved head designs

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Shaved Head Female Celebrities

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