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Forbearance meaning in the bible Colossians 3. 13 Forbearance may be defined as the quality of mind, heart and will that stands mistreatment without vindictiveness. The opposite of forbearance is unrighteous wrath, which is the quality that exercises vindictiveness. Forbearance has two elements. 1 it stands mistreatment without any vindictiveness; and 2 it exhibits much of quietness against mistreatment. There are many opportunities for forbearance to be exercised. It acts in the family, in the workplace, in the state, etc. It is evident among the brethren — in their meetings and in their fellowship with one another outside of the meetings. Its Necessity and Enemies Forbearance is a very necessary quality.


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It is appropriate, as shown by our theme text, that patience is listed immediately following temperance, or self-control. Patience, in its fullest development, requires that we have already made significant progress in controlling self—temperance. Mankind in general understands certain things about patience, and most feel that it is a trait to be admired and emulated.

How to pronounce Makrothymia in Biblical Greek - (μακροθυμία / longsuffering; forbearance)

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Forbear, Forbearance anecho "to hold up" ana, "up," echo, "to have or hold" , is used in the Middle Voice in the NT, signifying "to bear with, endure;" it is rendered "forbearing one another " in Eph 4.2; Col 3.13. See BEAR. See also . anecho A2. Forbear, Forbearance aniemi lit. See also . aniemi A3.

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