Fourth Arrow Camera Arm In-Depth Review

Fourth arrow camera arm base No products in the cart. Each camera arm is made up of an arm, a base, and an adjustable shoulder. The Stiff Arm base weighs about 1 lb 13 oz and is designed to be left in the tree once it is set up. The bases come standard with a ratchet strap so that the base is securely fastened in place without any risk of unwanted movement when the camera arm is extended out to full length. Fourth Arrow has designed their bases to be extremely affordable, allowing their customers to purchase multiple bases for multiple setups.


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BassBoysLLP said. They are definitely green and lack the fundamental systems and manpower to run the business smoothly. Not two weeks. I still believe it's a top of the line product. You just need to be patient with everything other than order fulfillment at this time. Click to expand...

MichiganHunting: Fourth Arrow Camera Arm Base Build and Review

Here I will list 5 camera arms factoring portability, solidness in the tree, and affordability. This camera arm is currently the best I have ever used and is my current go to setup. This stiff arm is very versatile, the way it is mounted with a ball head means that you can pretty much strap this thing on to any type of gnarly or offset tree or limb and still be able to get it level. There is not many camera arms currently on the market that can do this. This setup packs very well and is easy to haul in and out of the stand.

Stealth Stripping my Fourth Arrow Camera Arm

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