Wattpad on Seventeen: I Crashed Niall Horan's Brother's Wedding and It Changed My Life

Greg horan job No matter the reason, I'll ruin any bride and groom's special day. Just give me their names, basic information, and a decent amount of money, and I'm your girl. This week, you'll get a taste of what it would be like to crash a One Direction wedding. I don't think we've met," a blonde boy -- whom I'd recognized as the best man -- skeptically asked, looking as if he was seconds away from escorting me out of the ethereal-looking church. We're, uh, second cousins," I tripped over the first lie I could fabricate, damning myself for being so unprepared. Usually, I had my story perfectly straight, never looking as if I didn't belong within the crowd of stiffly dressed loved ones with tear-stained cheeks, clutching their soggy hankies. I didn't exactly enjoy my job -- it was cruel and unusual, which I was not -- but it paid the student loans and overdue rent I was drowning in not that my shoebox apartment seemed worthy enough of rent.


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But in December 2018 the fans noticed that the actress unfollowed One Direction member on Instagram. That caused split rumors, which later were confirmed. Who are Niall Horan parents?

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Поэт скончался через несколько минут после ранения, не приходя в сознание. Васильчиков помчался в город за врачом, но вернулся ни с чем - из-за сильного ненастья никто не согласился с ним поехать. По свидетельству очевидцев, в день, когда погиб Лермонтов, шел проливной дождь.

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Niall Horan at Greg Horan's Wedding in Ireland

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