Four Directors Who Torture Their Actors, from Hitch to Trier

Hitch cast list Others live for the incredible special effects or diverse, relatable characters. But not us, no. Today, we're looking at what really matters in the world of cinema. the hunky heartthrobs! It's safe to say that while we do all love an engaging storyline and a wild visual experience, we'd often buy tickets to a film due to one thing and one thing only. the starring actor! Without even watching a trailer or reading a movie description, some actors just carry such an allure with their high status, talent, and of course, their looks, that a name on a film poster is all it takes for us to throw our money away. Hollywood is full to the brim with talented and beautiful people.


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Here are four directors who stop at nothing to wring performances from their actors. Women in von Trier psychodramas are the keepers of his gloomy worldview. She reportedly ate a sweater out of frustration. And it would appear that von Trier has softened a bit, since Gainsbourg has thrice now been up to the task of embodying his misanthropic characters. Clearly she loves the work.

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