Misanthropy: When You Just Don't Like Other People

Hobbies for misanthropes It is also a view that tends to be mocked and ridiculed. The Nature of Misanthropy First, it is important to distinguish misanthropy from social discomfort. Many people assume that a friend or neighbor is misanthropic because they keep their distance, avoiding eye contact, never coming to barbecues or parties, and so on. In fact, they are probably just shy and socially awkward. Misanthropes are different. A misanthrope may be shy of course, but he may also be confident, even arrogant. Shy people often like others and long for their company.


dealing with misanthropy

LinkedIn I never really knew what a hangover was until I hit 30. Introversion, such as it is a thing, has been with us since Carl Jung, which should be a flaming red flag for anyone who suspects you may need marginally more than all the feels to have a decent understanding of the world. It essentially means that you derive your energy from solitude and inward reflection, as opposed to interacting with other people.


causes of misanthropy

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