How To Disable My Galaxy Widget Notifications On A Samsung Phone

How to disable galaxy apps There was a time not long ago when you didn't even know what an app was - none of us did! Yet, in just a few years we've gone from hundreds of apps that you can download on your Android phone to well over 2 million. These singular-minded computer programs each perform a function like showing you your bank account balance, paying a bill with a tap of your phone or linking you to Facebook Messenger. Whichever apps you love, there's a really good chance you have too many on your Android smartphone. Don't feel bad - we're all guilty of downloading apps that sound cool that, in reality, we rarely use. Heck, you have apps that you forgot you had. This is a good time to start deleting the ones you don't need.


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The update architecture of a mobile operating system is very important to make sure that the user trusts the software without the risk of being compromised by a hacker during this process. A bug on the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store allowed an attacker to inject unauthorized and arbitrary code, through the interception of periodic update requests made by the Store. This could allow an attacker to trick Galaxy Apps into using an arbitrary hostname for which the attacker can provide a valid SSL certificate, and simulate the API of the app store to modify existing apps on a given device. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to achieve Remote Code Execution on Samsung devices.

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Head here to access that page. Having a rich app ecosystem is a mandatory prerequisite behind the success of any platform. Joe Belfiore, corporate VP of Microsoft, publicly admitted the same. Paid money..

How to UNINSTALL Pre-Installed Apps/BloatWares On Any Android Device

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