How to activate RealView Graphics if the icon is grey?

How to enable realview graphics in solidworks 2015 Note — Windows Home editions are not supported Note — Windows 8. Only specific virtual environments are supported. However RAM is not a very expensive component and more is better for future needs. We recommend having 24GB for future needs. SSDs have come down in price over the years and are worth the investment.


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As you can imagine, there are all kinds of difficulties with maintaining this code and continually improving the user experience. I am not a programmer, but I imagine avoiding regressions needs a lot of attention during the development process. You probably have noticed the first steps of this revolution implemented starting with the 2015 version of the software, including. New file structure in 2015. New user interface architecture in 2016, which was further refined in 2017 and 2018.

SolidWorks Tutorial #181: Cola Bottle

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Joe Medeiros October 18, 2017 A less then pleasant aspect of working with a resource-hungry application such as CAD is waiting on the app to complete a task. Although the waiting can never be completely eliminated, especially with large, complex assemblies and assembly drawings, a bit of tweaking can significantly improve performance.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter LinkedIn Email SolidWorks has a TON of useful features and ways to model the most amazing chunks of 3D your nimble fingers can sketch and extrude, but some features are a fiery heap of performance hindering options that just get in the way. Some of these options are useful, some never will be, but it always comes down to what kind of performance you expect out of that fancy workstation. Do you need them? The features you use depend a lot on what functionality you need and your workflow. You may want to keep some on, but, far and away, these setting do nothing to get your modeling done faster.