Quacking away, how this Indian platform is making users fall in love since 2010

How to use quack quack app Do you feel solitary in a party without a dating companion? Do you often feel like a third wheel when you go out with a couple best friend pair? With QuackQuack. With accolade for being the best when it comes to serving the customers to the best of their satisfaction, QuackQuack. With a knack for gaining positive QuackQuack reviews, the website is known for being the best when it comes to setting you up with a dating partner. With a simple setting up of profile, the best matches are filtered for you to choose from.


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Despite being bootstrapped and locally based in one country — India, the app has become one of the most popular and fastest dating up with more than 3. That is a great achievement and in this case study we are going to look at the strategies the app founder used for its growth and development. The general outline of the case study is going to be as follows; 1.

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