4 Weird Reasons INTJ INFP Relationships Are Rocky

Intj female dating infp male All relationships are rocky from time to time. But what is it in particular that might cause tension in this pairing? INFPs are also known to possess a dark streak that can surprise you, as they punctuate their generally positive and upbeat demeanor with some witty black one-liners. Their complex personality will keep you intrigued from the outset. Success At Work INFPs are often highly competent in a particular area of life and this often translates into great success in the working world.


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We're both quite certain of our types, having done a lot of testing and reading and reflecting and discussing. What's it like? Well, great in some ways but difficult in others--like most relationships, I would imagine. I'm no expert, though, as I have few, if any, other relationships to compare it to. Yes, we're both Responders an interaction-style term , and that can be a big problem.

How to tell an INFP likes YOU!

intj female infp male

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