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Irrational man movie cast Although it doesn't break any new ground, at the director's filmography. The dialogue and plot were witty and fast paced and the acting by Mr. Phoenix held up to the standards of the role. By now most readers will probably have seen the film and formed their own opinions as to its worth. For me, it was entertaining, well edited and, with its Hitchcock-like ending, worthy of an 8. Either that or his films are never as bad as many see them.


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Tweet "Irrational Man," seemingly Woody Allen 's 328th motion picture, stars Joaquin Phoenix as a philosophy professor named Abe who becomes obsessed with murdering a judge, and Emma Stone as the awestruck student he romances. It is not merely a bad film. It is a collection of notes for a film that never quite evolved to the rough draft stage, much less cohered into a finished movie. That makes it more dispiriting than other notorious Woody Allen misfires, like " Celebrity " and "Curse of the Jade Scorpion" and " Scoop ," where at least you could kind of see what the filmmaker was going for, and sense the movie lurching in a certain direction even as it kept stumbling over its shoelaces and crashing into things.

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