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Jinhwan tattoo 2018 Exo personality types M. I followed every update religiously and typically stayed on anon, but whenever I felt the need to express my love passionately I made sure to leave some heartfelt messages. He holds himself in a dignified manner and is very considerate towards those who are around him. He is the oldest member in EXO. This is because they often try to love people before they learn to like them. Sehun is the maknae.


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There's only so much a person can take and what more at a young age? Here's why I think Hanbin may have developed some mental health issues and evidence to prove it. Firstly, to clarify, B. I's real name is Kim Hanbin , which is the name I prefer to use when referring to him. I honestly think Hanbin is a beautiful name. Now on to serious business.

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iKON Member Teasing Jinhwan Height ( Jinhwan as Fairy 13cm ) Compilation