Netflix’s “Bright” is “Bad Boys” Meets “Lord of the Rings”

Kandomere bright movie Portraying Versace was actually more intense. You don't need to do it. It looks great already. Elves are the ruling class. There's as much separation between tribes and clans and social strata and race as there is in the world we live in.


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The LAPD's problems don't stop with bigotry, but they have a reputation for their use of excessive force, creating an antagonistic relationship between them and the Orcs, spawning the phrase "curse the police" amongst the more rebellious factions. Not only do they ensure magic wielders the use of magic items doesn't get out of hand, but also work to prevent the spreading of information about the existence of certain forms of magic, like wands. Since Brights are the only ones that can wield magic wands, the Magic Task Force primarily hunts Brights, regardless of affiliation, to make sure the threat of magic misuse, or, worst case scenario, to prevent the Brights from coordinating to resurrect the Dark Lord.

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