Van Zandt returns to ‘Lilyhammer’ with two albums plus video

Lilyhammer season 4 2018 The nervous energy, the constant self-doubt and the vulnerability that makes Torgeir so lovable have a lot to do with Trond. And I think the fact that he is also a writer and director himself makes him understand what is at the core of our ideas, what he should not mess with in the scenes, and where he should channel his creativity. How would you describe it to our readers? TH. Your character, Torgeir, is one of the highlights of the show. How do you introduce him? TFA. Hi mom, meet Torgeir, a cute ex ski jumper with half of his brain still functioning. TH. How did you end up landing the role on Lilyhammer?



However, despite the undeniably stellar performances from the Bloodline cast — particularly Ben Mendelsohn, who won an Emmy for his performance in the show — the writing was arguably much weaker in season 2, and by season 3, it was clear that the show had already been dragged out for way too long. Netflix brought in the Wachowskis known for The Matrix trilogy and Cloud Atlas in 2015 to create a sci-fi juggernaut that featured a diverse cast and existed in the age of globalization, and Sense8 achieved all of the points the streaming giant was trying to hit at the time. And then, two seasons later, Sense8 was canceled. With all the money Netflix had already invested in the series, the company decided to give it a try for one more year, but season 2 failed to save the project from impending doom. Despite only having two seasons, the fact that Marco Polo even got a second season is astonishing.

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Steven Van Zandt on Norwegian TV-show Lindmo December 6. 2014