Madonna's Baby Girl Is 21! Inside Lourdes Leon's Unique Relationship With Her Famous Mom

Lourdes leon and her father Lourdes Leon is the daughter of famous singing sensation Madonna. She is just like her mother in many ways. The beautiful has just stepped in the age of 21 but she stays headstrong like her mother. She has inherited enough confidence from her mother that she has does not judge anyone by outer appearance. Lourdes had enough self-pride that she does not shy away from showing her unshaved armpits which her mother did a few years back.


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More specifically, her armpit hair! This remains a point of contention in that should women be bullied into shaving every last crevice of their bodies until they look like no hair grows anywhere but their heads? As they say…to each his her own. Usually shying away from the cameras, she decided this was one gig she could do because she loved the message behind it.

Madonna and Lola Want You!

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lourdes leon net worth

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