My Fiancé Has the Same Name As My Parent!

Marrying someone with the same name as your father Jamie Grill via Getty Images There are plenty of reasons to keep your ex's last name after divorce. Some want to ditch every last reminder of their ex, including the surname , while others say leaving the last name behind is a little more complicated than that. My married name felt more grown up. I associate Spike with who I was as a child, a teen, a college student. Now I think of it as her name. Me, my ex and the kids are still part of the same team, with the same jersey. I was dealing with quite enough identity challenges as I navigated new labels.


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Map. Australia As women increasingly retain their birth name in marriage and family structures become more blended and non-traditional, it's no longer safe to assume a new baby will be given its father's surname. While it's still the most common option — 90 per cent of children born in Victoria between 2005 and 2010 were given their dad's last name — a range of options are on the rise, whether that be for children of heterosexual or same-sex couples. Research, such as that in the 2002 publication Re-inventing the Family. In Search of New Lifestyles, suggests surnames are becoming more "individualised" rather than seen as a representation of family connectivity. Lorelei Vashti said there was no one-size-fits-all approach for what she calls "the baby surname dilemma", because people were motivated by different values. Vashti is the author of How to Choose Your Baby's Last Name. A Handbook for New Parents, and said for some, family unity and identity was most important, but for others gender equity and fairness were the priority.

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I still go by my marital surname so I'm the same as my kids but me and my partner are due to have a baby in a few months I obviously can't put my ex's surname and I would like to go back to my maiden name but don't want my 3 children to be different, is there anything I can do? Stace88 - 23-May-19 4.03 AM Hello I want change surnamemy kids because the father of the kids notinteresting father disappeared I have no contact with him, no interest in the children does not help or pay Emiciak - 4-Apr-19 11.47 AM I feel the same the awkwardness off my situation and been aware sending stupid messageslike idiot after all these years I even had to go back to court for sending messages years after the break up stupid idiot and the time frame and my own personal life and been unemployed I have to make same changes to my life so I am a better position to see my daughter.

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