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Meghan trainor husband net worth She had a happy childhood, surrounded by two brothers who both love her. a younger brother Justin and an older brother Ryan. She was only six years old when she got herself interested in music and she started singing with her father at the church. In her early teens, when she was only eleven, her father was not only a member of a Methodist church, but also a music teacher, a musician, and a lot of her relatives. uncle, aunt, etc. The amount of people in her family who were related to the music industry is large and this is the reason why she always had support to begin a career in music. her father Gary was very encouraging and by the time she was twelve, she was a part of the band that did covers and her own songs. It was their own family band.


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Born on 22nd of December 1993 to jewelry store owner Kellie and Gary Trainor, Meghan got fascinated to music at a very tender age. at age six she was already singing and by age eleven, she began penning songs. Her father gave music lessons for eight years. Her older brother, Ryan took birth in 1992. She as well has a younger brother named Justin. During her 3rd and 5th grade, she played football.

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She took birth in Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. She stepped into the music field when she was only 15 years old and began recording as well as produced three albums which was released independently within the next two years. Then she got into a great contract with the Big Yellow Dog Music and hence, began to pursue her profession in song writing. She also has two brothers, the younger named Justin and Ryan, the elder brother.

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