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Monastic rules of conduct Approaching the Precepts and Monastic Rules By David Dale Holmes Buddhistdoor Global 2018-01-11 When one begins learning the process of meditation, there are a number of things one must first be aware of, and preparations one should make. Since no one rooted in this world is as yet perfect, the Buddha saw that before one can attain and maintain mindfulness Pali. sati , one has to develop a firm foundation in morality sila on the Noble Eightfold Path. The Five Precepts First, the lay meditator should observe five precepts as a foundation for morality in daily life. These precepts are observed by lay people who visit meditation courses, those who go to temples to make offerings, and by lay followers on full-moon days. These five precepts provide at least a basic starting point from which to develop and provide enough sila to give sati a foundation upon which to rest and then begin to develop. Translated directly from the Pali, they are as follows. 1. I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from killing living beings.


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Right Conduct for Buddhist Monks Compiled by Jayaram V A Buddhist monk is expected to observe a certain code of conduct in order to overcome his desire for the objects of the world and end his suffering. To continue the three fold practice of sila morality , prajna wisdom and samadhi tranquility on the Eightfold Path and overcome all types of craving, he has to exercise a great restraint on his thoughts, desires and behavior. According to the tenets of early Buddhism, every monk who declared allegiance to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha was expected to follow the Eightfold Path and observe a certain code of conduct as specified in the teachings of the Buddha. The code was based upon the life of the Buddha himself, what he practiced in his early days as a monk in search of Nirvana and later as the enlightened Buddha.

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Introduction about the monastic discipline, his origin, his utility, and his importance. The vinaya allows benefiting from the best possible conditions to train in reducing attachments. This is what gives the bhikkhu the means to follow the Middle Path and remain on it. It forces the bhikkhu to remain aware of each of his actions at all times, because it is only through it that it is possible to avoid any lapses.

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