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My giant life cast where are they now Much of the most recent season focused on the fact that the couple were expecting a small, freakishly tall bundle of joy of their own. Unfortunately, Haleigh had a pregnancy complication that would require her to give birth in a hospital. Regardless of this fact, and the serious nature of her condition, she still wanted to have an at-home water birth. However, a consultant was invited over who backed up her husband in saying that it was an awful idea. Luckily Haleigh got the net, and delivered the baby in a hospital, but if left to her own devices, the outcome could have been catastrophic. And it did not go well Under the guise of Krista being new to town and needing a place to stay, which, surprise, is with another woman who is taller than the nearest canal's waterline, Krista and Lindsay end up being roommates for a short stint. To put it shortly, things do not go well-- at all.


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Each of the show's main cast members is over six feet and six inches tall, and each also has a vibrant personality that made for some pretty compelling reality TV. Over the show's three seasons, the lives of eight women were portrayed. The show explored what it is like to be an extraordinarily tall woman living a mostly normal life. If you've missed the ladies of My Giant Life, keep reading for the inside scoop on these amazing women.

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