It's Definitely Time To Talk About How Nancy Botwin Was The Absolute Worst

Nancy botwin zodiac sign Oct 23 2018 ShutterStock Scorpio season is upon us, and it's one astrological phenomenon you won't be able to ignore no matter how hard you try. Scorpio is known as one of the most intense and emotional zodiac signs out there, and when the sun moves into Scorpio on Tuesday, October 23, that energy becomes even stronger and more unavoidable. It will affect everyone in slightly different ways, and if you're interested to know how Scorpio season will affect you based on your zodiac sign, I've got answers. Scorpio season is about deep emotions, and will cause you to look for the meaning in just about everything. Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology, told Women's Health, "It's intense. Scorpio is the sign that wants to know secrets.


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In this miniseries we give you the basics on topics ranging from contemporary pop culture to old-school traditions like fortune telling. Illustrations by Francine Yulo Chinese fortune telling -- what's up with that? Who are those aunties hanging outside the temples offering to predict your fate? Can the lines on your hands really tell when you're going to die?


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Rantings of a freelance writer for tv. Started in a fit of unemployment-induced itchy fingers.

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