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Out of sight cast Out of Sight Director. Steven Soderbergh. Screenplay. Scott Frank based on the novel by Elmore Leonard. George Clooney stars as Jack Foley, a hair-swept-back, well cufflinked bank robber who seems a little like Vincent Vega as played by Cary Grant. Foley's been in and out of jail more than a few times, but compared to how many busts he's pulled off numbered by one character at around 200 , he's a well-established model of suave criminal efficiency. Plus he's just so damn cute, which is why Karen Sisco Jennifer Lopez , a federal marshall who happens to be standing outside the fence where Jack has dug his latest under-the-prison escape tunnel, suddenly can't find it in herself to clock and cuff the guy like she would any other jailbreak.


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In the leading roles, George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez create a blissful chemistry that will make viewers root for their flawed characters and eccentric romance. Pic should do reasonably well at the B. First reel introduces the colorful gallery of characters, beginning with Jack Foley Clooney , an ex-con about to perform yet another bank robbery. All goes smoothly until Foley reaches his car and a dead battery leads to his imprisonment in Florida.

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January 11, 2016 YouTube It only takes a few minutes of being trapped in the trunk of a car together for U. But shortly after she manages to escape, she's made part of a task force that's determined to find him and his crew before they can pull off a diamond heist.

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Based on an Elmore Leonard novel, it relishes Leonard's deep comic ease; the characters mosey through scenes existing primarily to savor the dialogue. The story involves a bank robber named Foley George Clooney and a federal marshal named Sisco Jennifer Lopez who grow attracted to each other while they're locked in a car trunk. Life goes on, and in the nature of things, it's her job to arrest him. But several things might happen first.

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