3 Tips for Painting Your Fireplace Hearth

Painting marble fireplace hearth Your fireplace is often the focal point of your room, and that is why you need to make the fireplace hearth as presentable as you can. You can also use painting your fireplace hearth as a means to liven up the entire look of your fireplace. The great thing about changing colors is the job does not take as much effort but at the same time you can successfully emphasize or de-emphasize any part of the room according to your color choice. Protecting the Fireplace Hearth When it comes to protecting your fireplace hearth throughout the painting procedure, the only way for you to protect your floor is to use a drop cloth. This is the most basic tip there is in the book, but a lot of people do miss this and they end up scrubbing the floor around the hearth after they have spent the entire day painting the fireplace hearth. If you do not have any drop cloth, you can simply lay out a piece of tarp and then sheets of newspaper on top of the tarp. In order for you to paint the hearth properly, you should get rid of any grime, stain, and dust that have accumulated in your hearth.


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When the marble becomes discolored, cracked or outdated, however, it can also detract from the rest of the room. There are several ways you can update or redo a marble fireplace, depending on how much money, time and effort you want to put into the project. Tile Over Tile If your marble fireplace is tile and the original tile is in good condition with no loose tiles or cracks, you can put new tile over the old.

How to paint on marble with Chalk Paint®

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