Paris Berelc and Isabel May Record Adorable Video Announcing ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 3

Paris berelc movies and tv shows At the heart of the show is the adorable and relatable friendship between Alexa Paris Berelc and Katie Isabel May as they navigate the difficult and often awkward terrain of adolescence. While they have all the usual obstacles of being high school freshmen to contend with, the two also have to deal with Alexa undergoing treatment for cancer. The Netflix comedy frames the difficult time with the hope, hilarity, and vivacious enthusiasm for life shared by the two friends who help each other through the battlefield of their young lives. The two appear in a neverending assortment of complimentary fashions making Brenda Shannen Doherty look even more like the odd one out of the cast. The two — who seemingly enjoyed the perfect friendship prior to this point — slowly and painfully figure out ways they can still tolerate each other and perhaps even get back to how they were. In return, Lane was able to call Rory out on her frequent levels of bullshit like ditching her pal the second she gets a boyfriend! So lame, Rory.


Many people looking at her success question "How old is Paris Berelc? Paris started doing gymnastics when she was only five years old and even being so young she was a great gymnast. Her natural talent and perseverance contributed to her because later she acquired Level 10.

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