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Persuasive essay on online dating Traditional Dating Argumentative With the evolution of the Internet, communicating and socializing with other people without being physically near them has become a simple task. Knowing a person no longer requires knowing their voice, knowing their touch, or even knowing their face. A profile for an online forum can tell a person's life story, and bonds can be formed between user to user through words in a chat room. No matter the argument, there is a level of intimacy that the web can never engender. Society today has not yet developed the technology needed to transmit sensory impulses, i. The basis for dating through the computer is therefore confined to epithets set by the user him or herself. not a very accurate portrayal when honesty is so scarce in both cyber and real worlds. Traditional dating allows a tangibility that does not exist in online dating.


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Despite being a relatively young industry, online dating has already become one of the most profitable types of business found on the internet. Online dating services now attract millions of users every day, and the industry is making hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Online dating provides an efficient way for people to meet with partners and to get to know them through e-mails and chats. I now realize after Googling "married people online dating" that married people using online dating services is not only a very common practice, there appear to be online dating service that target married people looking for a date or more. Many married people are finding the temptation of online dating irritable.

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