Bias Ply or Radial Drag Tire: Which Tire is Right for Your Car

Radial vs bias drag slicks Joined Aug 15, 2009 Augusta, Georgia This question refers to tires and their selection for manual AWD applications for participation in drag racing. I plan to make an updated article about this once all my research is done so any and any insight you can provide is appreciated. Looking into slicks you have three choices a street radial, drag tire and all out slick. Each has their pros and cons and here is what I have gathered so far Street Radials have a stiffer sidewall construction and get all of their grip from the compound alone as the sidewalls are much stiffer to withstand cornering on the road. These are DOT approved and actual perform in a desirable manner on the road. The downside is the hard sidewall makes for less traction and a very harsh shock to the driveline since the sidewall does not take any of the hit on launch.


pro bracket radial vs slick

So please make it so. I'm getting tired of seeing the missinformation about slicks and drag radials. So here it is. All information was taken from various muscle car forums, srt forums, dsm forums, and magazines. As the name implies, slicks have no tread so as to maximize the contact of the tire.

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PRI 2015 - Phoenix Drag Slicks, Radials, and DOT Front Runner Tires

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