Ray Narvaez, Jr./Biography

Ray narvaez jr twitch Ray is also known as XRay or Brown man. Ray Narvaez Jr is seen joking about him being poor as well. Ray is Puerto Rican, but he has lived almost all his life in New York. At the age of 2, little Ray started playing games. He was born near Queens, New York. The little boy started wearing glasses at the age of 5 because he played too many games and spent a lot of time watching the screen.


During his Twitch streams, Maximilian does venture beyond the scope of fighting games, collaborating with the Yo! Videogames and Super Best Friends Play crew to stream and host non-fighting games and other miscellaneous content, such as Mario Party 6, Mario Kart 8, and classic video games on home consoles including the Nintendo 64. While on Twitch, TotalBiscuit is most notable for his Starcraft II stream gameplay and commentary, its his other platform and real-life vlogs that really deliver and portray a clearer picture of who Bain is, not only as a gamer but as a prominent figure in the video game community. In 2015, TotalBiscuit announced he had bowel cancer, but has since regressed.

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