'Everyone is poly,' no one is serious, and other reasons dating in San Francisco is awful

Reddit what annoys you the most about dating in sf Close to hitting my just-effing-push-them-now breaking point, I did just that when my boss asked me to fly out to California for a client event this past weekend. Always one to take advantage of work-paid flights, I booked myself on the redeye home from San Francisco so I could have a full day to play after my work obligations wrapped up. As the weekend had been incredibly taxing, I craved nothing more than quiet relaxation. So I skipped the city, choosing instead to cross the Golden Gate Bridge and spend a leisurely day in Sausalito. Sausalito is a picturesque town nestled within a small harbor in Richardson Bay.


The aspiring content marketer applied a little branding to his profile on Tinder, the hot-or-not-style dating app, and said he's now matched with more than 2,000 women. Some might call his e-dating tactics a form of spam and others might even call them false advertising, but Jamieson says he's simply found a playful way to increase his odds on the app, which at its most basic level is a game. Tinder users, on their smartphone touchscreens, swipe right on profiles and photos they like and swipe left if they don't. And then matches can begin texting each other.

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In April 2011, Groupon acquired the startup, and it declined to keep her on staff. Fine by her. Barrett is one of thousands of hungry tech workers that move to San Francisco each year.

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