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Sale business in cyprus There is a tiny island sitting on the very edge of Europe, which you probably only think about as a lovely holiday destination -- over the past few decades it certainly was not famous for being an economical utopia remember the banking crisis in 2013? But, after living in the Republic of Cyprus for more than six months and getting a decent insight into all the marvels it has to offer, I eventually realized that the innocent looking isle is indeed an entrepreneurial paradise for any digital businessmen and -women. The regulatory situation The particulars of tax laws and other financial regulations are without a doubt some of the key elements you need to look at if you are planning on moving your business to another country. In these areas, the eastern Mediterranean island is hard to beat on the European continent. Furthermore, it has one of the most beneficial tax plans in the world , including more than 40 double tax treaties. And although the authorities recently increased the corporate taxes from 10 to 12.


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The Cypriots are among the most prosperous people in the Mediterranean region. Internationally, Cyprus promotes its geographical location as a "bridge" between West and East, along with its educated English-speaking population, moderate local costs, good airline connections, and telecommunications. Throughout the post-Independence period, Cyprus has had a record of successful economic performance, reflected in rapid growth, full employment conditions and external and internal stability. The underdeveloped economy, inherited from Colonial Rule in 1960, has been transformed into a modern economy, with dynamic services, industrial and agricultural sectors and advanced physical and social infrastructure.

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business for sale nicosia

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