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San antonio history facts With a population of over 1. All in all, there are now some 20,000 works at the McNay. We really know how to keep it cool. Photo. Joe Diaz San Antonians know a thing or two about heat…which prompted us to learn about cold. The AC system kept temperatures to 80 degrees, a welcome relief for all those workers doing…whatever people did in offices decades before the first desktop computers. And did we mention the creator of Gatorade was from San Antonio? San Antonio holds a world record for tamale making.


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It is the birthplace of Texan liberty and the site of the Alamo, where a famous battle that was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution, took place in 1836. The modern history of San Antonio dates back much further than this, however. In 1691, the first Spanish explorers came across a river that had long been settled by Native American Indians. The day they first set foot in the settlement was the feast day of St.

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San Antonio is geographically large as well, with 368. The city is in South Central Texas, 140 miles northwest of the Gulf of Mexico, and 150 miles northeast of Laredo, which is on the Mexican border. It has been called 'every Texan's favorite city,' and Will Rogers dubbed San Antonio as 'one of four unique cities in America.

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